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We serve citizens from every country in the world, including yours. You deserve the best possible health care you can seek without emptying your pocketbook.

Welcome to Sora Global

Well-recognized around the world

Totally focused on our clients

Renowned in the USA

We are a renowned insurance company in the international market. We provide insurance agents with the most prestigious, A-rated off-shore insurance companies to work with. Helping your agency to reach the next level.

Feel Safe Everywhere!

At Sora Global you will find a wide array of insurance plans that really meet your family needs. Individual, groups, travel and more!

In the United States we are poised to serve the retail client by providing for all of their health, life and travel insurance needs, as well as international corporations with offices around the world, and missionary groups wherever they deploy their personnel.

If you want to be fully protected by the most effective international insurance programs, Sora Global is what you are looking for! Whether you are in the US or anywhere in the world, we can give you life and health insurance that meets all your needs.

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