Global Health

Global Health

Living as a global citizen offers advantages and opportunities, but also presents complications. We can’t clear every obstacle in your path, but we can help you receive covered care wherever you go.

Global Health Programs allows you to choose from several plan options, customizing your region and duration of coverage as well as methods of payment. The program offers various underwriting methods to best suit your medical history and needs so help ensure you’re able to obtain coverage.

At Sora Global we offer several valuable global coverage programs, including Cigna Global, GeoBlue Expat, IMG’s Global Medical Insurance, and Patriot Travel Medical Insurance.

Global Medical Insurance

Individual and family – Flexible long-term annually renewable plan

  • Flexible, long-term, annually renewable major medical insurance program
  • Designed for U.S. citizens living abroad, and non-U.S. citizens throughout the world
  • Has different areas of coverage available, optional riders, flexible underwriting methods, as well as multiple deductibles and modes of payment

Travel Insurance

Travel Health Insurance Offers Peace of Mind When You Are Traveling Outside Your Country

Platinum coverage includes:

  • First-class short-term coverage available from five days up to three years
  • The maximum coverage available in a short-term travel medical product
  • Provides up to $8,000,000 of coverage with enhanced benefits and services
  • Includes our Global Concierge and Assistance Services
  • Two plans available: Patriot Platinum International for U.S. citizens and Patriot Platinum America for non-U.S. citizens

To find the coverages that are right for you, contact us today!