Private Client

Private Client

The world grows ever more complex as assets and risks diversify every day. How do you prepare? At Sora Global, we believe a global market demands a global strategy. Your assets and risks can best be covered by our team of strategic partners – from liability and loss to international law and extortion. Waiting can prove costly – read below to learn more about the steps we take to protect your assets.

Protect Your Assets
We individually review the risk profile of all our private clients to determine what levels of coverage are appropriate and identify the greatest sources of risk. We can coordinate with your financial planners and other advisors to help you achieve the goals that are most important to you and protect the people and things you love the most.

Our Private Client Coverages Include:

  • High Value Homes
  • Collectors Insurance
  • Domestic Workers’ Compensation
  • Luxury Automotive Insurance
  • Personal Excess Liability
  • Private Aviation Insurance
  • Yacht Insurance

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