Risk Management

Risk Management

At Sora Global, we understand that risk management is about much more than just property and casualty insurance. Our team knows that every client is unique, and so are their risks. To help you prepare for the challenges ahead, we will help you understand the risks you face today, and the complexities you may face tomorrow. What are your business risk exposures? Some of the major risk categories for businesses include:

Property loss – Fire, theft, and flood are just a few of the risks which can impact your business property.

Injury –
 Workplace injuries can result in significant medical costs, time consuming and expensive lawsuits and lost productivity.

Liability – Your business is at risk of lawsuits, relating to accidental injury, harassment, libel, slander, and errors and omissions, to mention just a few of your potential liability issues.

Business interruption – Fire, flood, earthquakes and other natural disasters can cause business closures. But there are many others including food contamination, power outages, hazardous materials, and active shooter/workplace violence events.

Security breach – One of the fastest growing industries is cyber security, and with good reason. Cyber-attacks, malware, ransomware, and distributed denial of service are some of the more common digital threats impacting businesses today. Cyber insurance is no longer an option for many companies, it’s a requirement.

Whether your company is impacted by fire, flood, hurricane, fraud, theft or cyber-attack, the result is the same. You’re faced with lost time, energy and money. And in certain scenarios, these risks can result in the failure of your business. Our job is to ensure your successful continued operation by providing the right coverages, at the right time, effectively managing your risks so that you can manage your business.

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