As the market continues to evolve and companies experience unforeseen challenges, it’s important for clients to understand all the factors that impact their bottom line and proactively mitigate their risks.

SoraGlobal360 was developed to go beyond traditional insurance, we take a global approach to understanding a company’s potential risks and ensure they are adequately covered in all facets of their business.

Typically a company’s losses stem from insurance related perils, but many times other factors can be overlooked that create vulnerabilities due to incomplete or inadequate operating processes and procedures.

We function under the premise that an organization needs to understand their total risk in order to anticipate potential impacts to their growth.

We review your insurance program and operating procedures to identify where there may be gaps in insurance coverage, potential security related exposures and opportunities to improve the employee experience and productivity.

By providing a holistic view of a client’s business, we can proactively manage current and future risk while controlling costs.

  1. Our 360 method allows us to create a risk management plan that encompasses company’s processes and procedures, incorporates proper insurance coverage, and gives us ability to:
    • Mitigate losses that can impact insurance premiums and provide insurance companies with the opportunity to offer more favorable terms by showcasing a clients proactive approach to managing risks.
    • Create a healthier employee population that will impact productivity and minimize absenteeism.
    • Provide incentives that minimize employee turnover. Employee turnover costs the average company with up to 100 employees, anywhere between $4000 to $7000 in onboarding expenses.
  2. Our 360 approach is intended to reduce costs relating to unnecessary or under insured claims, improved insurance terms and increased productivity, positively impacting a company’s bottom line and allowing them to reach their organizational goals.
  3. Our 360 goal is to provide each client with a customized program that brings together best practices, tailored to a company’s specific needs, with the insurance coverage that will protect them while they continue to build and grow their business.

Take a 360 approach to your business’s risk by contacting Sora Global today!