Life’s Pendulums

Life has an uncanny way of swinging from one end of any spectrum to the other. These dramatic movements are usually prompted by men and women who have, at times, been affected by the negative effects of what I like to refer to as Life’s Pendulum.

Life’s Pendulum could take many forms; Political, Healthcare, Religious, Social, Personal, Family or Business. Although the same Pendulum, any one of its forms could transform one or many lives. The transformation could be positive as well as negative. It is usually the negative that propels the most radical changes; usually working against the very people that it was meant to help. One can say that the Pendulum’s  extreme movements conforms to the law of cause and effect; many times not taking into consideration the devastation that it may leave in its path.

Any particular pendulum can incite passions that can blind even the most objective of human beings, more than likely, chopping off heads and taking no names. Yes, life’s pendulum is something to fear, yet, it’s one of those realities that we can actually control. We just need to identify the signs of the time and work diligently to stop its wrath.

As we head towards the new year, filled with hopes and expectations; as we look back to the immediate past, to make sure that we improve our future, we need to take a close look at the Pendulum or Pendulums that surround us.  Whether its healthcare, politics, spiritual, personal, family, social awareness or business, our goals for the next year, and actually for the rest of our life, should be proactive and not reactive.  We need to set that particular pendulum to the middle ground where we can focus on what is really important to us and to the world, rather than reacting to circumstances which could have been avoided, if we had only controlled the Pendulum in our Life.

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