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Employee Benefits Go Beyond The Obvious

When someone mentions Employee Benefits we immediately think of Health, Dental and Vision insurance. Sometimes we may include group life and disability programs. And yes, those are important parts of an employee’s benefits program, but  a well rounded benefits program goes way beyond the obvious. A company’s well-rounded benefits program should consider investment opportunities for

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Are You A Slashie?

So, what is a Shashie? Is it a serial killer? No! Is it someone who slashes things, like the couch or chair you don’t like? No! Then what is it? Slashies are a new generation of workers: defined as – a group of people who have had multiple “slashes” in their title and multiple career

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Insurance To Live By

Insurance, insurance, and more insurance… But why so much insurance? Insurance comes in many forms and for many reasons. You can even purchase a health insurance policy on your pet. I’m not quite sure how that works, but I do know that there are types of insurance products that are essential to you, your family

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