Are You A Slashie?

So, what is a Shashie? Is it a serial killer? No! Is it someone who slashes things, like the couch or chair you don’t like? No! Then what is it?

Slashies are a new generation of workers: defined as – a group of people who have had multiple “slashes” in their title and multiple career projects/skills. In other words, a person who gains income from more than one occupation. The expression, of course, comes from the slashes they use when describing their work life.

For example, my wife is a very successful insurance agent, but her passion is art, and she is on her way to becoming a very successful artist as well. Therefore, she is an insurance agent / artist. Another example could be someone who is a writer / blogger / fitness instructor. According to HomeWorking.com, in the past they have referred to this generation using the term “portfolio career”. The word slashies was posted on Urban Dictionary back in 2009. But like everything else in life, the term has taken ten years to become widespread. I have just recently come across it and realized how many people around me are slashies.  

Having more than on job is as old as time. When I was growing up having more than one job to make ends meet was not uncommon, especially for blue-collar workers. But slashies are more than people trying to make ends meet. Slashies tend to be men and women, professionals or otherwise, diversifying and expanding to meet their passion. Once again using my wife as an example, when I think about it, she is an insurance agent / artist / art philanthropist. Her passion has expanded into the idea of creating a space where kids can go and express themselves through art. Before the pandemic hit, she experimented by partnering with a school for special needs children where she created an art family day. The experiment was a total success. The parents got to spend time with their children and the kids were all over the opportunity to be creative. All the materials were donated from the proceeds of her art sales, and she got about fifty volunteers to give of their time on a Saturday afternoon to help out. So, in her case, three slashes were created.

Although most slashies are about entrepreneurship and pursuing their passions, other slashies may be about creating alternate modes of income. A stay-at-home mom may want to help boost her family’s finances, a salaried employee working towards independence or a professional who succumbed to the pandemic era layoffs. In my opinion, regardless how they all came about becoming a slashie, they have one thing in common. The will to diversify and thrive at it…

So, are you a slashie?